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Facebook announces New Mobile Game Publishing effort!

A few weeks ago I mentioned in one of my blogs that Facebook might be considering becoming a Mobile Game Publisher. It turns out that Facebook has today confirmed the news in an announcement. At the Casual Connect Conference in San Francisco, Facebook announced that the game publishing experiment involves “a new pilot program to help small and medium-sized developers take their mobile games global.” That means Facebook is ready to take developers on board giving them the added incentive of targeting just the right target audience for their games. As it is there are 800 million mobile users and more than 260 million Facebook game players active.

Whether Facebook will be able to bring substantial revenue on the table with Android and iOS still dominating 30 percent of the market is yet to see. The idea is that Facebook will not be much into the content of the games as much as into the marketing and distribution which is quite a different scenario. Again, best of luck to Facebook!

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