Burn the wheels to conquer this free, hot car racing game. Carumba! is a free 3D car racing game designed for both kids and adults to give them the real experience of car racing.

Use your phone or tablet to steer and control with precision at high speeds. Earn coins as you outpace your opponents, and use them to unlock other cars and tracks or to get additional Nitro boost to decimate your opponents!

This free 3D car racing game allows you to personalize the experience through available selection of make and color of your car, race tracks, background music and background scenery/location of your race.

7 Cars. 4 Tracks. 4 Locations. Endless Fun !!!

Game Features

  • Multiple cars with customized design
  • Variety of race tracks to unlock
  • Customized background music and scenery/location of race
  • Challenge your friends to a race through Game Center

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