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Launch Of Carumba 3D Car Racing Game!!!

Today, our new 3D racing game Carumba! The Ultimate Car Race went live on AppStore (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/carumba!-ultimate-car-race/id493455403?mt=8). This launch marks the end of an era of super charged learning about gaming by our committed team of gamo-sapiens.

This has been a major milestone for us as Carumba is our first truly physics based 3D game. As any game pundit will tell you making a vehicle move in 3D space with directionality control and collision detection is not a walk in the park.

Our first target was to get a skeleton of tires and chassis to run on terrain. That called for setting up wheel colliders, setting up angular motion equations, handling effects of torque, and setting up game world body masses.

Once this was done, we concentrated on balancing the aesthetics of the 3D world versus performance on mobile devices. There were a lot of literal “BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD” scenarios where we had to keep going back to the 3D modeling tools to reduce model vertices/polygons.

But eventually, we think, we got the right balance between looks and performance. Hopefully our users will agree with this too.

The design of the game, navigation & game play, have been kept simple and intuitive to attract wider audiences with varying ages. In order to start the race, user goes through a simple 3 step process of selecting Car, Track, and Environment.

The game has been designed to support both iPhone &iPad devices and offers good old family fun for everyone. From the selection of 3 cars, 4 tracks, and 3 environments to choose from, you would be spending endless hours playing this action packed game.

You can checkout more details on the game from here or better yet download it from AppStore on your devices and ENJOY!!!.

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