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Launch Of Formula X – The World Grand Prix !!!

Game Plan8 proudly presents a SUPER FAST racing game called ‘Formula X – The World Grand Prix’. This is a formula car based 3D racing game and is available on the Apple AppStore. The game can be for download from here.

Formula X is our 3rd title in the racing game genre and our dedicated team of gamo-sapiens has been working at a rapid pace throughout the year to bring you all these exciting titles.

As the name implies, Formula X is Formula style racing game set on challenging tracks that are surrounded by beautiful locales to enhance the overall experience. The speed of the cars is SUPER FAST and provides a thrilling effect to the players.

The game provides the right balance between length of the track and number of laps. The physics of car has also been written in such a way to avoid cars from tripping over on the bends.

You can find out more details about this game from here.

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