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Smarty, The Space Dog goes LIVE!!!

We are delighted to announce the release of our latest iOS game –Space Dog on the Apple App Store. A big round of applause to our team of gamo-sapians for their dedication to develop this game in such a brief period.

Game Plan8 has sent Smarty in space and Space Dog is all about Smarty’s adventures in space, its encounters with blood thirsty aliens, bumps with erratic space ships, scares with space ghouls, and fire rocks. The objective of the game is to guide the Space Dog through the hostile galaxy while avoiding aliens, space ships, space monsters, and fiery asteroids. The Space Dog can make its journey easier by collecting coins and Sliders. These coins could be used to unlock great powers, such Coin Doubler, Rockets and Sliders. Additional coins can also be added through in-app purchases to get more power ups. The game also allows players to post their high score on game center leaderboards and share it on Facebook.

So are you ready to explore through the galaxy with Smarty? Then download this app here and enjoy the Space Dog voyage now!

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